Meet Fataneh

Fataneh Dokhtar Aqabcheh is an orphan studying in Hewad University. Her fees cost US$350 a semester.

“I am Fataneh Dokhtar Aqabcheh, the main resident of Parwan province.
I live in a family of eight and I have six younger sisters.

“My father travelled to Iran due to economic problems but never returned, and we have not heard from him for more than five years.

“During these years, all the expenses of the household are borne by my mother. My mother is not literate enough to do her job and works hard. I felt the need to continue my education and thus support my family.

“In 2020, in collaboration with the Zamzam Charity, I was introduced to a university to study. Fortunately, I successfully completed two semesters with the support of the Zamzam Charitable Foundation, but after the fall of the government and the rule of the Taliban, our university demanded our tuition. However, I am also unable to pay for my education due to my poor economic situation.”

I ask you, dear ones living abroad, to cooperate with me to continue my education so that I can take care of my family in the future.