How we have served our community

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Driving lessons and swimming lessons for Afghanistan women in the Australian Capital Territory.

ZamZam’s driving lessons initiative is proudly sponsored by the Canberra Southern Cross Club.

Book Launch

In May 2023, ZamZam launched a new book to help refugees from Afghanistan understand their new life in Australia. ‘Getting to Know your New Home, Australia’ is a guide to Australia’s history, culture, social and political systems to¬†support newly arrived refugees from Afghanistan. The book was developed with support of the Social Policy Group and with the collaboration of the LexGlobal Partners.¬†


  • Working with local businessmen, ZamZam solicited US$150,000 to sponsor higher education for 100 orphans at two private universities: Khana Noor-Hewad in Kabul, and Nukhbagan in Balkh.
  • In partnership with the Mahlim Academy, ZamZam was able to offer 1,000 scholarships for high schoolers in Fiaz Abad City (Badakhshan Province) keen to take up new languages and other high school subjects.
  • Sponsored 8 female students at Pishgam University
  • Introduced 6 female students to Borna University
  • Partially sponsored 34 students (male and female) at Saber University
  • Introduced 10 students to Noor Noor University

Winter clothes for women and children

  • 780 orphaned children and widows from the Tagab district of Badakhshan Province. (Budget: US$7,800)
  • 250 orphaned children and widows from the Kishm district of Badakhshan Province (Budget: US$2500)
  • 250 orphaned children in Samangan Province (Budget: US$2,500)
  • 100 orphaned children and widows from the T Daraim district of Badakhshan Province (Budget: US$1,500)
  • 30 orphaned girls during Eid

Food supplies for families and the homeless

ZamZam prepares and distributes food packs comprising basic necessities such as rice, flour, tea, sugar, red beans, and oil. Each food pack helps sustain each family for a month. ZamZam also identifies and seeks out the homeless to supply them with necessities.

  • 350 food packs in Badakhshan Province
  • 170 food packs total in Kabul Province (3 separate missions)
  • 220 Iftar meals

Cash for families

Afghanistan has a highly cash-dependent economy. With a shortage of hard currency in the country, people in Afghanistan face increasing financial pressures. ZamZam distributes cash to families to help alleviate escalating living costs.

  • 450 families in Badakhshan Province
  • 30 families in Kabul Province

Be like the sun for grace and mercy.
Be like the night to cover others’ faults.
Be like running water for generosity.