Meet Fetrat

Fetrat is one of the 60 youths whose higher education we support in Afghanistan. She is currently in her third semester at University, but her higher education future is looking very dim under the current Taliban rule.

Like many young women we meet and have come to know, she is passionate about the opportunities that further education can provide for her and her family. Read her story below.

I am Fetrat Naderi from the Badakhshan province and I currently live in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. I come from a poor family and I have seven sisters and one brother. I am an excellent university student with top marks in the medical field and my grade is 96.58% for all my classes.

But I pay $570 each semester and I cannot continue my education because of the difficult economic situation as well as the very sexist rules that have been imposed on the women of Afghanistan by the Taliban. I am stressed, I am scared and I am hurt very deeply by everything that’s happening to me and many other girls like me.

I ask you to help me continue my education and to help me find a path out of this dark road that’s ahead of me under the Taliban government.